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"My wife and I recently had the pleasure of attending both the antenatal classes and the paediatric first aid course run by Annie at Blooming Babies, and we can't recommend them highly enough! The antenatal classes were fantastic. Spanning three sessions of two hours each, they covered everything we needed to know about childbirth, postpartum care, and newborn essentials. Annie's wealth of knowledge and warm, approachable teaching style made us feel at ease and well-prepared for the journey ahead. The classes were interactive, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and practice techniques, which made the learning experience engaging and enjoyable. In addition to the antenatal classes, we also attended Annie's paediatric first aid course. This session was incredibly comprehensive and invaluable. Annie covered all the critical aspects of paediatric first aid, including CPR, choking, and dealing with common childhood injuries. Her practical demonstrations and hands-on approach ensured that we left the course feeling confident and well-equipped to handle any emergency situations that might arise. Annie's passion for educating parents and caregivers is truly inspiring. She creates a supportive and informative environment where learning is both fun and impactful. Whether you re expecting a baby or simply want to be prepared for paediatric emergencies, Annie at Blooming Babies provide essential knowledge and peace of mind. Thank you, Annie, for offering such outstanding and important courses. You've made a significant difference in our preparedness and confidence." 
Ian Caruana - 17.07.2024 
"I thoroughly enjoyed the Aquanatal classes at Bramhope that Annie provided, something i looked forward to every week during pregnancy. Great fun, a good form of exercise and opportunity to meet other mums to be! I also attended a Blooming Babies antenatal class in Boston Spa with Annie and learnt a lot ahead of the arrival of our twins. Thank you Annie!" 
Laura Copeland - 17.07.24 
"I've gone to a couple of the Aquanatal classes with Blooming Babies and they have been wonderful! I was nervous at first as I didn't know anyone but felt very comfortable as soon as the class got going. It's a great mix of exercise, socialising and relaxation and I fully recommend it!" 
Helena Beeson - 16.07.2024 
"Fantastic experience with Blooming Babies on our Antenatal course. Great content and guidance all the more benefited from Annie’s experience and knowledge; all for a completely reasonable price. Would strongly recommend to all expectant parents." 
Michael Shannon - 15.07.2024 
"Annie’s Aquanatal classes were great during my pregnancy, I started the classes at 20 weeks pregnant till 41 weeks. The classes were a great way to keep active during my pregnancy I looked forward to going each week. It’s also a great way to meet other mums who I have stayed in contact with since having my baby. Annie is a qualified midwife so I always felt in safe hands. Thank you Annie look forward to coming to post natal aqua soon" 
Emily Batt - 15.07.2024 
"Annie is amazing person! Her Aquanatal classes were perfect, I started from 18weeks and finished at 40 weeks so all these 22 weeks was perfect. I had wonderful time! Highly recommend to everyone✨🥳" 
Samanta Kazlauskaitė - 15.07.24 
"Loving the Aquanatal classes with Annie. Great way to keep active whilst meeting other expectant mums. Would definitely recommend!" 
Beth Holland - 14.07.2024 
"I attended my first Blooming Babies Aquanatal Class this week and absolutely LOVED it! I’m 34 weeks pregnant and wish I’d started going sooner. Great way to exercise in pregnancy and Annie who runs the class is fantastic!" 
Cloe Thornton - 13.07.2024 
"Annie’s classes are great! Her Aquanatal class was fun and helped me to meet other mums-to-be when I was pregnant. I also completed her first aid course and her baby massage class, both of which were really informative and helpful." 
H S - 13.07.2024 
"I have done both a paediatric first aid course and baby massage classes with Annie and definitely recommend both. Really friendly and very knowledgeable!" 
Flo K - 13.07.24 
"I've done many of Annie's classes - Aquanatal both pre and post birth, antenatal classes and baby massage. Annie is so kind and supportive and has really helped me to build a strong network of local mum friends that has been invaluable. I really recommend her classes to benefit both you and your baby." 
Josie Kelly - 12.07.2024 
"A wonderful class and great chance to meet and bond with other expectant mothers. Annie makes the classes manageable whatever your stage of pregnancy and fun to partake in! My only regret, not going earlier!" 
Leah Lodge - 08.07.2024 
"I took my son to baby Massage at 8 weeks and we both absolutely loved it - Annie is lovely and makes it such a nice environment for a new mum! Not only did my son love the massage and we still do it every night before bed but I met some other lovely mums too! We went on and did another course of the baby massage we loved it that much! Thanks Annie and Blooming babies x" 
Mari Harrison - 04.07.2024 
"Absolutely love the Aquanatal, I've been going to the 6:30 Wednesday class in Guiseley. The classes are varied each week and really enjoyable, feels good to move but also really relaxing. Lots of opportunities to meet other Mums to be and have a chat. So glad I joined and will definitely be going for the rest of my pregnancy and probably postnatally too!." 
Holly Dryden-Jones - 20.06.24 
"I’ve recently started Aquanatal with Annie and they have been amazing so far! Not only is it a really great way for me to keep active now that I’ve had to wind down at the gym, but it’s been so lovely to connect with other mums to be and get chatting 😊 Annie has been fab and I hope to continue with the classes as long as I can, and postpartum too! Would highly recommend to any mums to be 😀" 
Zoey Macwilliam - 18.06.2024 
"I started Aquanatal when I was around 20 weeks pregnant, up until the week before I gave birth. The classes are a great way to stay active and were the highlight of my week. Now my baby has arrived I’m attending baby massage which has been a lovely way to meet other mums and bond with my little girl. I’m counting down the weeks till I can get back to postnatal aqua! I highly recommend all of Annie’s classes, they’re always fun and relaxing and a great way to make new friends. Thanks Annie!" 
Katherine Richmond - 19.06.2024 
"I couldn’t recommend Annie and her classes enough! I’ve loved Aquanatal at Guiseley, as it’s a great way to meet new mums and keep active during pregnancy - It’s also helped with my back ache! I also attended her couple’s antenatal course, which was fab! We learned so much and it has definitely helped us to feel more confident before baby arrives. Thank you Annie xxx." 
Amy Rushforth - 16.06.2024 
"I’ve attended the Aquanatal from around 14 weeks pregnant when I started struggling with back pain and couldn't continue with my regular exercise. My pain had significantly reduced after two weeks and has remained at bay ever since. It’s a great way to meet soon-to-be mums who live locally while doing something active! I also completed the antenatal class which was the perfect level of information to help us feel more prepared for birth and beyond. Annie is fab and puts a sprinkle of fun and fabulous on everything! Highly recommend 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟." 
Ellie Griffiths - 14.06.24 
"Had an amazing time at baby massage with Annie, I enjoyed it so much I have booked twice and potentially going to do a third course. Annie is so friendly and down to earth, she makes you feel at ease straight away. The classes are very informative on the guidance of baby message and a great opportunity to bond with your baby and learn different strokes/techniques. I have learnt a lot through baby massage and can utilise the same techniques at home; for that I am truly grateful and it helps soothe/relax our baby. The classes are not just about massage but an opportunity to meet other mums/develop friendships and an opportunity to share with one another and relate to other mums going through similar experiences. Annie encourages socialisation but it is completely off your own back if you chose to go for a coffee after the session- a great way to make friends! So grateful for these sessions and the hard work Annie puts into them. Not only are they so relaxed/enjoyable I have a very sleepy/relaxed baby at the end of the session- result. The atmosphere is absolutely spot on too, lovely venue with the lights and relaxing music- perfect for baby massage. Thank you so so much Annie, myself and Jasmine will always be very grateful for this wonderful experience. Can wholeheartedly 100% recommend these sessions xx" 
Lindsay Bhaiji - 11.06.2024 
"I have attended 5 massage courses with Annie now and about to embark on my 6th. She is friendly, knowledgeable warm and reassuring. She provides a really lovely atmosphere and the sessions are a really wonderful relaxing bonding time with your baby. I've also previously attended Annie's aquanatal and paediatric first aid and these were also fantastic. She encourages you to find friendship in other mums and really makes you feel part of the group. Thanks Annie for everything over the years." 
Victoria Marsden - 11.06.2024 
"We have just completed our antenatal classes with Annie and we learnt so much! Annie was informative, approachable and made everything so clear for first time parents like ourselves. Annie is very knowledgable, professional and just generally a lovely person to be taught by! Highly recommend 😊 
Thanks Annie! X." 
Amy Hall - 10.06.2024 
"Annie ran a first aid course for a group of us, she is friendly, informative and approachable. 
Excellent teacher! She even helped hold our babies so we could practice! Thank you so much Annie, would highly recommend.." 
Beth Cartwright - 11.06.24 
"After attending a number of antenatal aqua classes with Annie, I knew she was the best person to provide a private paediatric first aid course for me and my family. 
She was calm, friendly and extremely knowledgable (without overwhelming us with information)! Annie took time to get to know all of us and was supportive in ensuring we all felt confident in looking after my child if there were ever to be an emergency. 
I would certainly recommend her, and all of her classes, to others. 
Thanks Annie!" 
Samantha Dobson-Brear - 29.04.24 
"I have just finished my 3rd course of baby massage at wetherby with little boy. From the first day I met Annie she made everyone feel so welcome and went through so many massage strokes to help with so many common things such as colic, teething, comforting, bowel movement and more it’s been a fantastic way to help with my son and made many friends. 
I have loved every minute and will continue to do them at home 
I wish I would have known about all the other courses you offer before 
Thanks again Laura and Benjamin x" 
Laura Thompson - 29.04.2024 
"We attended the peadiatric first aid course and learned so much. I would really recommend it as I feel really reassured at what signs to recognise in an emergency and the things I can do to help my babies. The course was ran in a really friendly way that really put me at ease. Thank you Annie." 
Lauren Azaria - 09.04.2024 
"The Aquanatal classes are the highlight of my week. I started attending when I was 30 weeks and I only wish I had started earlier. I really missed going to the gym as I became bigger and these classes have been a great opportunity to still feel like I am getting a bit of a workout. Annie is a great teacher with helpful reminders (pelvic floor!) and advice when asked. 
Looking forward to attending the postnatal classes and baby massage in the future." 
Raushna Pasha - 18.04.24 
"I really enjoyed baby massage with my little boy. its such a lovely time out and bonding oppertunity. Lots of tips and information to help keep my baby calm and happy. My little boy loved it and I met some lovely mums and babies on the course!I would always recommend baby massage to anyone with a baby, always enjoyed baby massage classes with my other children. Blooming Babies course is super relaxing, welcoming and informative. Thank you so much Annie, we want to try book on again ❤️🩷💙" 
Abbie Jayne - 08.04.24 
"I did baby massage with Annie and really enjoyed it. 
She creates a lovely space that you feel comfortable taking your baby into even in those stressful first few weeks. 
We use the massage strokes all the time and he loves them. 
I also learnt some top baby tips from her along the way as she’s also a midwife. 
Definitely recommend!" 
Ella Lewis-Evans- 11.04.2024 
"Joined aquanatal when I was around 14 weeks pregnant and kept going until about 38 weeks. I loved going- it was a fun way to keep active whilst pregnant and I met lots of other mums who I have remained friends with throughout maternity leave. I also did postnatal aqua for around 4 months which again was a great way to get back into exercise and have a chat with other mums each week. Annie is super supportive and knowledgeable and I will definitely be back if I get pregnant again!" 
Jess Sykes - 24.03.2024 
"I've attended Annie's aqua natal classes from 18 through to 38 weeks and am so pleased I heard about the classes. The sessions are a great opportunity to meet other pregnant women locally and it's great how chat time is built into the sessions. Annie is a great instructor and I've really benefitted from the workouts and loved the reassurance that all the exercises are fully pregnancy-safe." 
Sarah Bargh - 29.03.24 
"I recently booked Annie to conduct a baby first aid course at our family home in Alwoodley, and I would certainly recommend this to everyone! 
I feel so much more confident that I would act correctly in the case of an emergency now; and feel reassured that my parents would too when babysitting my baby. 
Annie was warm and friendly, and taught all the information in a way that was easy to follow and absorb. She felt like part of the family and I didn’t feel any worry about asking more questions or for things to be repeated if needed. 
Thank you so much Annie, I’ll be looking to book more courses with you and have passed your details around all my mummy friends!" 
Catherine Batty - 30.10.2023 
"I did Annie's aquanatal course during my first pregnancy, so as soon as I was 12 weeks with my 2nd pregnancy I booked straight on to the course. I feel better for the exercise and have more energy levels afterwards, even after being at work all day. If the class is full there is a waiting list and I have always been able to get a space. 
Aquanatal is a great way to meet new Mum's and Annie is such a lovely person to be around." 
Clare Goodall- 17.01.24 
"Annie hosted a private first aid course for our antenatal group and it was very informative. Annie covered lots of areas in detail and we practiced the techniques for basic life support and choking. The course prepares you and gives you the confidence should you ever need to use this in the future. Annie is a lovely person with a huge amount of knowledge, I would 100% recommend." 
Emily McQuire - 17.10.23 
"I recently completed the 4 week massage course and me and my baby loved it so much that we signed up again! Could not recommend baby massage enough, such a lovely experience with your baby and a skill to take away. Annie makes the classes so relaxed yet informative, and the coffee and chat with the other mums after was great. Thank you Annie!" 
Becca Lavelle - 27.11.23 
"I first came across Annie whilst searching for some sort of pregnancy safe exercise to do & discovered aquanatal which I went to almost every week.. & I’ve used Annie for everything she offers ever since! Paediatric first aid, 2 day antenatal course, baby massage & postnatal aqua. 
All her courses are great fun, she’s full of knowledge (including how to settle your unsettled baby like some sort of wizardry magic when in a baby massage class!), she’s warm, welcoming & encourages everyone to speak & get to know each other (especially through aqua). 
I highly recommend Blooming Babies to everyone!" 
Jess Huxable - 17.08.23 
"My sister in law recommended Blooming Babies courses to me. I began with aquanatal which I loved as I really wanted to complete some safe but also fun exercise during pregnancy. I also completed three rounds of baby massage which was a wonderful bonding experience with my baby. I bought daddy a special Father’s Day baby massage class so he could experience it too!" 
Alice Bean- 21.08.23 
"Me & my fiancée had Annie come to our house this week to do a 121 antenatal class. She was very friendly, polite and approachable from the start and followed social distancing rules appropriately. With this being our first baby we were eager to gain as much information and knowledge from Annie and the session as a whole. We had discussed with Annie in advance particular topics that would be more beneficial focusing on than others. Annie listened and tailored the session to focus on what was important to us personally. Annie made the session informative but had a light hearted manner, the 3 hours flew by. Annie respected choices we had made and never judged. She was incredibly knowledgeable, reassuring and positive from start to finish. Annie showed a genuine interest in us both and clearly wanted us to go feeling empowered. Annie answered all of our concerns, questions or worries at any stage in the session. She had lots of helpful props, information boards and diagrams which made everything very clear. If you are looking for a 121 experience, tailored to you and your partner Annie is definitely the person to deliver this. " 
Nick & Emma - 18.09.20 
"Brilliant antenatal course from Annie .  
Me and my husband feel so much better about everything in such a worrying time . Annie is lovely and we would definitely recommend 🥰" 
Ella Rose - 18.09.20 
"I have had the opportunity to attend Annie’s aqua classes and her virtual antenatal classes. I have found these classes really fun and informative. Annie is great and is always happy to help out where she can if you have any questions. Thanks Annie for making this time leading up to our little ones birth easier with everything happening atm!" 
Samantha Midgley - 15.04.20 
"I really enjoyed doing Annie's aquanatal classes in Leeds city centre from about 20 weeks til when my baby arrived. Very friendly, lots of fun and good exercise. Particularly awesome towards the end when the water gives you relief from the weight of the bump! 
Me and my partner also just did a virtual paediatric first aid course with Annie. We enjoyed it a lot - it was really useful and I feel much more confident now. Looking forward to virtual baby massage too!" 
Megan Wright - 14.04.20 
"My husband and I have just finished Annie’s Couples Antenatal Course which was delivered virtually via Zoom due to the current coronavirus lockdown. Some of our other antenatal classes were unfortunately cancelled and I was feeling quite nervous about missing out. Annie’s four one and a half hour classes classes covered labour, managing labour, feeding and caring for your baby and each one was both informative and fun. We didn’t feel like we missed out on anything by the classes being delivered virtually as Annie had plenty of props to show us and provided opportunities to ask questions throughout. It was also great to meet and talk to other expectant parents during the classes and both of us would highly recommend the course to others. Having attended Annie’s aquanatal classes at the Nuffield in Harrogate previously and having just completed this course, I will definitely look to attend baby massage and baby first aid in the future and look forward to working with Annie again; she is friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable! Thank you, Annie!" 
Hayley Marsh - 14.04.20 
"We really enjoyed Annie’s Blooming Babies Couples Antenatal Course at Pebbles Nursery in Yeadon. It was a fantastic day delivered in a fun, interactive and informative way. It was good to meet other couples as well. 
Annie is an extremely knowledgable and experienced healthcare professional and learning from her as new parents is invaluable. As the course is held on a Saturday, it is convenient for working couples. Delicious food and drinks are provided throughout the day to keep you going. 
We both went away feeling more confident, competent and excited for our new arrival. 
Would highly recommend for new parents." 
Bori Dmitrova - 20.01.20 
"I’ve attended several massage courses including a home course and my partner has attended the Daddy massage class. I’d recommend all of them 100%. Such a great way to bond with your baby and a lovely thing to do with mummy friends. Annie’s classes are baby led, really informative and great fun. And the babies love it too. Thanks so much Annie. We’ll be booking again soon!" 
Jen Carne - 02.01.19 
"I have attended one of Annie's Postnatal Aquanatal sessions today and really enjoyed it. You definitely feel like you have worked hard but at the same time it is easy on the joints (and much more fun than going to the gym!). The class are all very friendly and I look forward to the weeks ahead. Would definitely recommend!" 
Natalie Fulton - 15.11.18 
"Annie carried out a paediatric first aid course in the comfort of our own home. My husband as well as other members of family were in attendance along with my pregnant niece from the USA! We found the course very informative, and it was very reassuring to gain more knowledge from a qualified healthcare professional. The practical demonstrations were excellent, I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to improve their first aid knowledge." 
Philippa Seed - 09.07.18 
"I joined Annie’s aqua natal classes in the middle of my second trimester and thoroughly enjoyed them, they were fun, energetic and also gave me a chance to meet and chat to other mums over lunch afterwards. Since having my baby, we’ve just finished Annie’s baby massage classes and we absolutely loved them!! They were calm, full of massage techniques to help soothe my baby and we both left feeling relaxed. Annie is extremely knowledgeable, caring and really helps build lovely friendships between mummies. Thank you for all of your help so far... I’ll be joining your first aid course with hubby soon!!" 
Hayley Elizabeth - 12.06.18 
"More than happy to recommend Blooming Babies. I've been to three of Annie's classes (aquanatal, antenatal and baby massage) and have really enjoyed all three. I've met some great people and learnt useful skills, and as a result have found pregnancy, labour and having a new baby easier and more enjoyable because of the support the classes have given me. 
It is testimony to how lovely Annie is that most people go to more than one of her classes! She can't get rid of us! Hehe x." 
Fiona Phimister - 01.09.17 
"I went to Blooming babies aquanatal and it was fantastic I really enjoyed it. It was fun and good exercise whilst being pregnant. I have just started Annie's baby massage and the first class was lots of fun, I can't wait for the rest of the course! 
Looking forward to having a relaxed baby again next week �. I would recommend blooming babies to anyone looking for classes to do both whilst pregnant and once your baby is born." 
Kate Dutton - 12.08.17 
"Thanks so much for the wonderful baby first aid course. It was so nice to be able to do it with my friends in one of our houses and made for a really relaxed atmosphere. It was such a useful session that left us feeling a lot more prepared - thank you Annie! Lana x." 
Lana Northey - 21.07.17 
"I have attended 3 of Annie's different classes; Aquanatal, birth preparation and Baby Massage and they have all been fantastic. Because Annie is a practising Midwife you know you are receiving accurate and upto date information that is none biased and truful. I loved her Aquanatal sessions throughout my pregnancy and you get to meet lots of other lovely pregnant ladies too. Annie is a really great teacher, she's approachable and delivers information in a way that isn't too over whelming. I have just finished my final baby massage session and have really enjoyed that time with my baby. Thank you so much for everything Annie, hopefully will see you again soon....maybe xx" 
Kerrie Holmes - 30.06.17 
"My sister in law introduced me to Annie's aquanatal and I loved it! I started quite late on in my pregnancy (33 weeks) and I wish I'd have known about it earlier because a) my little one arrived at 37 wks and b) the classes were so much fun! Annie is great, totally puts you at ease and being a midwife is very reassuring and can answer any Qs you might have. Great way to meet other mummies to be and a great workout too! Highly recommend for anyone expecting!" 
Victoria Bosworth - 12.01.17 
"I've attended Annie's aquanatal classes during pregnancy and thoroughly enjoyed going I've made some fantastic new mummy friends through going each week which have formed an invaluable support network as a new mum. My husband and I also recently attended the paediatric first aid course and found the information covered invaluable we now feel much more confident should we have to deal with any first aid emergencies in the future. Annie is such a lovely person who makes you feel at ease straight away and is always happy to answer any midwife related questions." 
Sarah Harrigan - 19.09.16 
"I came to both Annie's aqua class and also post baby the baby massage courses. Thoroughly enjoyed both. The workouts are a great way to exercise when heavily pregnant and also an ideal opportunity to meet lots of local mums, Many of whom I meet up regularly with now. The baby massage is a fab way of bonding with baby and I even got my other half to go on the dads session which he also enjoyed! Annie is great and puts you at ease throughout. She is a fountain of knowledge being midwifery trained and is great at organising nights out too!!! Would highly recommend!!!!!" 
Becky Shaw - 22.08.16 
"I recently attended the paediatric first aid course and am so glad I did! Annie was brilliant in providing both information and demonstration in a clear and concise manner without using ridiculous medical terminology! I now feel I have the skills to administer the first stages of aid should it be required (hoping it never is) and what to look out for. Not only does it give me peace of mind with my son but also in the future when he has friends over! I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who hasn't done first aid before or need a refresher course. I'm looking forward to baby massage next!!" 
Donna J Wallace - 25.06.16 
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