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Let’s explore positive ways to prepare for labour and birth 
Everyone is different, with different cultural, social, economic and religious beliefs and backgrounds. We all think and behave differently. 
We all have different life experiences and preconceived ideas about labour and birth. 
It is important to acknowledge the different journey’s couples experience to reach this point of pregnancy. Being pregnant could fill them with love, happiness and joy or have the opposite effect and fill them with anxieties, fear and sadness. 
Everyone’s’ starting point on their baby journey is different, so it is important to acknowledge and respect this and provide them with information appropriately and sensitively. 
How we learn differs from person to person. Some digest information more easily by reading books and articles. Others learn from family and friends and the stories told to them. Others prefer visual information they need in order to digest information given. Another way of learning is from listening to books and podcasts and asking your Midwife or your health provider for information. Information by your health provider can be found online, as well as face to face appointments or call them day or night. Some may need all the above. Whichever way is the best way for you to learn is fine. 
Interpretation of the information given differs from person to person. It maybe you have experienced labour and birth before, your interpretation of the event may differ from fact. But this is your experiences and interpretations, and perception is reality. There is always an opportunity to debrief or discuss birth experiences with your health provider if you choose to. 
Antenatal classes are maybe not for everyone, but they are a fantastic way to gather information but to share positive experiences or concerns and anxieties you may have with other couples within your group. Private one to one classes are also available if you don’t wish to discuss experiences and feelings with others. 
Antenatal classes need to be objective and a way of retrieving reliable, relevant information from a trustworthy source, so you can make informed choices about your care. They should empower you, provide you with the confidence and the knowledge to ask questions about your care and your choices. This can all be documented in a birth plan and discussed with your Midwife. 
By gaining knowledge about labour and birth, you will feel more prepared, informed, confident more relaxed, which is so important as you go into labour and for the progression of labour. 
Annie from Blooming Babies has delivered antenatal courses for many years, as a Midwife with first hand experience of labour and birth as well as to many couples through Blooming Babies Antenatal education courses. 
The aim has always been to provide couples with the facts and relevant information and to educate without bias. I believe it is so important that there is a relaxed environment in which you learn, whether that is in our online classes, face to face classes or one to one classes in your home. This enables you to feel you can ask questions and share experiences during or after the class. Hopefully provides you with a greater understanding and prepare you for labour and birth. 
So exciting! 
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