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I’m so excited to introduce Blooming Babies New Baby Massage classes specifically for Newborns. 
This class is suitable for babies who are aged between 3 to 6 weeks old. 
The virtual class setting, as well the shorter class time of 35 to 40 minute is perfect for you and your new baby. The class is a lovely introduction into baby massage, set in your home, one to one, with no distractions as you get to know your each other. Groups will be kept deliberately small to provide you with an opportunity to ask questions as Annie, a registered Midwife can offer support, guidance and information during the class. 
We will explore your baby’s behaviour and their cues as you learn to soothe and relieve baby ailments through touch. 
Baby Massage is a way of expressing your love, care and respect through touch. It has been shown to have many benefits, as it secures parent-baby attachment as well as promoting your baby’s development and relieving baby ailments. Baby massage involves gentle massage strokes covering your baby’s skin – a shared experience between parents and their babies. 
Getting Ready for the class/Massage 
Allow time to prepare yourself for the class, as rushing can make you feel anxious and stressed.  
Slow, deep breathing before you start is a great idea as it promotes a feeling of calm. 
Have your changing equipment ready. It is also a great idea to have a few toys such as a mirror, toys with a gentle noise or a toy that lights up, in case your baby needs a little distraction.  
Ensure the room is warm and quiet.  
Feel free to use relaxing music if you wish too.  
Babies are massaged naked or with their nappies on, to promote skin to skin contact. If your baby is unsure about being naked or unsure about massage to begin with, keep a vest on and stroke underneath the clothing with your hands. Have blankets ready to cover exposed areas which are not getting massaged at that time. It can be reassuring for your baby. 
Massage oil is not recommended in the newborn stage – up to 6 weeks old.  
Feed your baby at any given time during massage if they are hungry. Breastfeed your baby if they need soothing too. 
We massage well babies only and your baby should be awake when we start to massage, as we want to gain permission to massage from your baby. 
Avoid massage within 24 hours of immunisations and if your baby is unwell. 
Why is touch important? 
Touch is one of the most developed senses at birth. Babies have been kept secure and nurtured whilst in the warm, darkened environment of utero. Then at birth, delivered into a much colder, brighter environment which can be very unsettling for your new baby, holding, hugging and lots of skin to skin with your baby, will make your new baby feel safe and secure. 
Why we use skin to skin? 
In response to skin to skin contact during baby massage, Oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is also known as “The Love Hormone”. The love bond between parents and babies is not always immediate and can take time to develop. Massage can help promote this bond so please be patient, and share your feelings with your close family and friends. 
The benefits of skin to skin contact, however, will soon become apparent as both parents and babies begin to relax during massage. It is a fantastic way to promote parent–baby attachment, building that love bond between you and your baby. 
Skin to skin contact has many more benefits as it also regulates baby’s body temperature, breathing and heart rate. It also helps boost breastfeeding mums’ milk supply. It releases Endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers and boosts Serotonin, which contributes to well-being and happiness. 
Strength and speed of strokes 
Babies have their own personalities straight from birth. Some babies arrive behaving very calm and others are a little more guarded and appear insecure. 
Babies express their likes and dislikes by crying when they are unsure or do not like something, and show acceptance by being calm and relaxed. This early relationship between parent and baby can be so challenging as you are getting to know your new babies likes, dislikes and needs. Having one to one time with your baby through massage provides time to observe your baby’s behaviour. It promotes a greater understanding of your baby’s cues, which in turn, helps you to meet your baby’s needs. 
Demonstration of Baby Massage strokes 
Each week we will discuss a different topic including the importance of touch, relieving digestive discomforts, respiratory congestion, promoting muscle development and tone as well as the neurological benefits of massage to your baby. Baby massage demonstrations will be given allowing you to participate in doing baby massage strokes too. We will discuss and explore the benefits of the baby massage strokes, and how it can affect you and your baby. You will learn the best way to massage, how long to massage and why we massage. 
Blooming Babies loves baby massage! 
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